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LACME - Fencing energizer with a mixed power supply (dual).

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More info SECUR 500 Lacmé

SECUR 500 is a fencing energizer with a mixed power supply (dual). Its power can be supplied equally well by :
- a 12 V wet cell battery (lead, in a suitable format)
- a 12 V wet cell battery (lead, in a suitable format) and the mains adaptor (optional)
- the mains adaptor (optional)
- 9 V battery (using the mains adaptor is prohibited in this case).

Only the mains adaptor exclusively supplied by LACME is optionally allowed on this energizer. For safety reasons, this energizer must never be connected to any other mains adaptor. The mains adaptor supplied by LACME must not be used on an energizer from another manufacturer, or on any old/other LACME model not designed for this purpose (if in doubt, refer to the guide provided with your energizer).

Fifteen times more powerful than a 9 volt dry battery energizer, this unit is used to contain (or protect against) animals where a mains supply is unavailable or far away. If required the energizer can also operate with one or two 9V batteries, however; the output power is inferior to power supplied by a wet cell battery, a LACME 25 W solar panel with foldaway support (optional) can be added to it.

The electronic mechanism is fully modular. 'Low impedance' type technology ensures maximum efficiency, even in the case of losses (heavy vegetation contact, broken insulators, etc.).

A power output control adjusts the output power according to requirements (depending on the type of animal, length of the fencing, insulation, humidity, etc.), and in particular enables power consumption to be reduced as soon as the animal training stage is completed. Each of the ten graduations represents approximately 10% of the energy range that is covered by the power output control.

On the front panel, a multifunction check LED indicates correct operation during each pulse.
This 3-colour indicator light (green, orange, red) is also used to visually check the discharge status of the power supply (press briefly).
Testing can also be undertaken at a close distance with a BIP CONTROL pocket tester.
Always recharge a wet cell battery that is in the red zone as soon as possible. For a battery, the exchange can wait until it is fully discharged.

An additional and economical operating mode "ECO 1/5", in other words '1 in 5', can be activated by pushing the button for 4 seconds.
An orange light will flicker briefly on the display lamp in order to confirm this mode change. From this moment on, the energizer will repeat a 5 pulse cycle : the power of the first pulse is determined by the output control (green display light), the remaining four pulses are of a reduced power level (orange display light). To return to the 'normal' operational mode, either repeat this same process or switch the device off.

When the power supplied to the energizer becomes too low, ACCU PROTECT automatically switches the device into ECO 1/5 mode.

This energizer conforms to International Safety Standards and is approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is supplied with a high voltage wire connection and two small earth/grounds rod connexion.

Power supply : 12 Volt wet cell battery, LACME mains adaptor
Peak pulse voltage : 15 000 Volt
Average consumption in maximum position : 12 V : 33 mA in I-Pulse Mode, 310 mA in Standard Mode
Peak pulse energy : from 500 to 5 000 millijoule (per continuous output control)
Number of pulses per minute : approx. 40
Pulse duration : approx. 1/1000 s
L x W x H (approximately) : 38 x 22 x 39 cm
Weight (approximately) : 3.5 kg when empty
Water proof case

 Equi-Clic, be passionate ! 

Data sheet SECUR 500 Lacmé

Equipment typeElectrificateur batterie
Stored energy5 Joules
Longueur en condition moyenne30 km

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