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CAVALOR - Easily digestible, very tasty and heat treated grains and lactoproteins gradually to teach the foal to eat36*15 kg

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Cavalor START & GO consists of easily digestible, very tasty and heat-treated grains and lactoproteins, in an all-in-one product that gradually teaches the foal to eat. This unique combination minimizes the transition time during the weaning period (from mare's milk to energy feed, pellet or mix) which means that a stop in growth (which is possible, as the youngster usually takes in less food due to the relatively sudden transition to feed) does not or barely occurs. The foal simply continues to grow. It is vitally important that the calcium/phosphorus ratio is perfect in foals. Opti-Growth guarantees this.

Cavalor START & GO also contains the prebiotic Florastimul. Florastimul guarantees an optimal intestinal flora, thanks to which the foal is less prone to the attachment and growth of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall. As a result the foal is less prone to stomach and intestinal disorders from the very beginning.

Cavalor START & GO can be given to the foal from the age of 6 weeks, but it must be given in special feeders because otherwise the mare will also eat these pellets. Continue to give it - as much as the foal wants - until the age of 8 to 10 months, depending on the weaning period. It is also possible to switch to Cavalor PROBREED from the age of 6 months.

Indication for use : 

Administer ad libitum without restriction.

Packaging : 

36*15 kg = 1 pallet

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