• Les sarcoïdes chez le cheval
  • Les abcès de pied chez le cheval
  • Atypical myopathy in horses, how to prevent it ?

    Autumn has already come to the fore and horse owners are already dreading the arrival of atypical myopathy: a fatal disease for the horse, it appears every year from the beginning of autumn.

    But what is this disease? What are the causes?

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  • How to cure rotten forks ?

    Rotten forks horse

    Autumn is coming to an end and bad weather is starting to take hold. Moisture reappears in the paddocks or in the quarry and many horses can then develop frog problems related to the humidity.

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  • How to treat mud mange in horses?

    What is Mud Scab?

    Every year, as soon as autumn arrives, owners fear the arrival of rain, and with it, the arrival of mud scab.

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  • How to properly prepare your horse for winter? - Blog Équi-Clic

    The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter, and Pompom is already starting to regain some hair ... The onset of winter is gradually approaching. It’s time for equine owners to best prepare for the start of winter for the best comfort and well-being of their four-legged companion.

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  • Obesity and overweight in horses - blog

    As with humans, horses can be overweight and obese. Overweight in horses should not be neglected, as it can directly affect their health and well-being.

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  • Dehydration in horses

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  • How to treat osteoarthritis in horses ?

    Osteoarthritis in horses

    Your horse is showing stiffness, lameness, or even reduced performance at work ... He could well be suffering from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative, progressive and irreversible disease that can affect older or younger horses. However, despite many misconceptions, osteoarthritis is not only a matter of old age, and is not inevitable.

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  • How to maintain a horse's hooves? - Blog Équi-Clic

    How to maintain a horse's hooves?

    All riders are familiar with this saying, “no feet, no horse”.

    But, what does it mean? The horse's feet should not be neglected: the hooves are an important part of the body, and require care, as much for the horn, the sole or the fork. A horse with poorly maintained feet is exposed to a lot of pain and discomfort. The maintenance of the hooves is essential for the well-being and especially for the health of your horse, whether it is barefoot or if it is a shod horse.

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  • Laminitis in horses - blog Équi-Clic

    How to prevent laminitis in horses?

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  • The “Must Have” to have in your competition trunk - Blog Équi-Clic

    The “Must Have” to have in your competition trunk

    That's it, to the delight of the riders and their mounts, the competitions have (finally!) resumed. But who says competition, says pampering Petit Tonnerre, before so that it shines with a thousand lights and that it is the most beautiful of the whole paddock, but also after the passage on the track. We owe him that! To do this, we are revealing all of our "Must Have" to go to competitions with peace of mind.

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  • Blog - 7 gift ideas for Mother's Day

    7 gift ideas for Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you still haven't found any gift ideas to spoil your Super Mom? Looking for inspiration? Do not panic ! We have put together a little wish list of gift ideas for the Mother's Day that will be sure to please!

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  • How to take care of a gray horse's coat ?

    How to take care of a gray horse's coat?

    All riders and owners of gray horses have already experienced this embarrassing situation of going out of the paddock Petit Tonerre on the way to a competition, and discovering that Mr. roll in the grass, in the dirt, in the mud and maybe even in a little bit of dung ...

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  • How to clean and maintain your leathers ? - Blog Équi-Clic

    How to clean and maintain your leathers?

    Maintain your leathers, okay, but how? Maintaining the leathers, often the most dreaded task of riders, is still an important thing to do. Indeed, leather is a living material, which requires maintenance to continue to be flexible, but also to prevent it from deteriorating, and thus causing injury to your horse.

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  • 3 Ideas for exercises to do when riding alone - Blog Équi-Clic

    3 ideas of exercises to ride alone

    Every riders knows that feeling of exasperation when it comes to doing their session alone. It is true that it is quite difficult to plan and structure your sessions when you go up alone, and to find ideas of exercises to do.

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  • How to treat summer dermatitis? - Blog Équi-Clic

    How to treat and cure summer dermatitis?

    As soon as the insects return, some horses may be prone to summer dermatitis.

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  • Top 6 insect repellents for Horse

    How to protect your horse from flies and insects?

    That's it, the beautiful days are coming. And who says beautiful days ahead, says return of the insects. Don't panic, we are going to offer you a selection of our 6 best insect repellants so that your horse can enjoy the paddock without being too disturbed by insects.

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