• How to clean and maintain your leathers ? - Blog Équi-Clic

    How to clean and maintain your leathers?

    Maintain your leathers, okay, but how? Maintaining the leathers, often the most dreaded task of riders, is still an important thing to do. Indeed, leather is a living material, which requires maintenance to continue to be flexible, but also to prevent it from deteriorating, and thus causing injury to your horse.

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  • 3 Ideas for exercises to do when riding alone - Blog Équi-Clic

    3 ideas of exercises to ride alone

    Every riders knows that feeling of exasperation when it comes to doing their session alone. It is true that it is quite difficult to plan and structure your sessions when you go up alone, and to find ideas of exercises to do.

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  • How to treat summer dermatitis? - Blog Équi-Clic

    How to treat and cure summer dermatitis?

    As soon as the insects return, some horses may be prone to summer dermatitis.

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  • Top 6 insect repellents for Horse

    How to protect your horse from flies and insects?

    That's it, the beautiful days are coming. And who says beautiful days ahead, says return of the insects. Don't panic, we are going to offer you a selection of our 6 best insect repellants so that your horse can enjoy the paddock without being too disturbed by insects.

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