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HORZE Nice Halter is a nylon halter with adjustable nose and neck straps. It features a snap hook closure at the cheek and nickel-plated buckles.

The Nice Halter has a unique design with a stripe accent. It will really make your horse's beautiful head stand out in the crowd.

Features : 

  • Snazzy 3-stripe halters help your horse stand out in a crowd

  • Adjustable nose and neck strap

  • Snap hook closure at the cheek

  • Nickel-plated fittings

  • Nylon halter

4 sizes : 

Pony : 102-145 cm

Cob : 146-155 cm

Full : 156-168 cm

Extra full : 169 cm +

 Equi-Clic, be passionate ! 

Data sheet NICE HALTER Horze

Equipment typeHalter
Horze sizePony, Cob, Full, Big horse

Declination NICE HALTER Horze

Horze773-127322263PDB/OWHPBluePonyNICE HALTER Blue Pony 8,05 €6438076390734 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze773-127922263PDB/OWHCBlueCobNICE HALTER Blue Cob 8,05 €6438076390710 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze773-129122263PDB/OWHXFBlueExtra fullNICE HALTER Blue Extra full 8,05 €6438076390741 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze773-128522263PDB/OWHFBlueFullNICE HALTER Blue Full 8,05 €6438076390727 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze773-127422263CRE/OWHPRedPonyNICE HALTER Red Pony 8,05 €6438076390697 Unavailable
Horze773-128022263CRE/OWHCRedCobNICE HALTER Red Cob 8,05 €6438076390673 Unavailable
Horze773-128622263CRE/OWHFRedFullNICE HALTER Red Full 8,05 €6438076390680 Unavailable
Horze773-129222263CRE/OWHXFRedExtra fullNICE HALTER Red Extra full 8,05 €6438076390703 Unavailable
Horze773-127622263VGR/OWHPGreenPonyNICE HALTER Green Pony 8,05 €6438076390819 Unavailable
Horze773-128222263VGR/OWHCGreenCobNICE HALTER Green Cob 8,05 €6438076390796 Unavailable
Horze773-128822263VGR/OWHFGreenFullNICE HALTER Green Full 8,05 €6438076390802 Unavailable
Horze773-129422263VGR/OWHXFGreenExtra fullNICE HALTER Green Extra full 8,05 €6438076390826 Unavailable
Horze773-127722263SG/OWHPBeigePonyNICE HALTER Beige Pony 8,05 €6438076390772 Unavailable
Horze773-128322263SG/OWHCBeigeCobNICE HALTER Beige Cob 8,05 €6438076390758 Unavailable
Horze773-128922263SG/OWHFBeigeFullNICE HALTER Beige Full 8,05 €6438076390765 Unavailable
Horze773-129522263SG/OWHXFBeigeExtra fullNICE HALTER Beige Extra full 8,05 €6438076390789 Unavailable

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