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KEVIN BACON'S - Nutritional supplement for restoring the horse's general peak condition - 5 kg

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KEVIN BACON'S HOOF FORMULA is a nutritional supplement for restoring the horse's general peak condition.

HOOF FORMULA is a nutritional supplement developed by specialists to solve such problems as brittle hooves, sand cracks, and hoof rings or foundered hooves.

HOOF FORMULA contains 37% highly digestible proteins that are particularly rich in essential amino acids and the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine.

HOOF FORMULA is thus especially well'suited for equine athletes on high-energy grain diets'.

HOOF FORMULA is probably one of the nutrinional supplements on the market with the highest amount of biotin (100mg/kg) and vitamin A (975000 Ul/kg). When combined with other vitamins (Vit PP, Vit Bc, Vit B12) these two factors play vital roles in the synthesis of tough, healthy horn.

HOOF FORMULA contains an optimal complex of vitamins for horses with skin, coat and horn problems.

HOOF FORMULA contains a high concentration of calcium to correct possible imbalances in this mineral's intakes. It also contains optimal proportions of other minerals that are indispensable for a horse's health, i.e., magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Still, these elements cannot play their part without the addition of just the right amounts of trace elements, most of which are essential cofactors. So, HOOF FORMULA supplies significant amounts of copper, zinc, cobalt and iodine.

HOOF FORMULA'S original composition makes it a unique and specific high quality nutritional supplement that speeds hoof growth and improves horn quality.

Instructions for use :

Recommended daily dose:

Per 100 kg of body weight, administer 1/4 measure (40g).

Foals (from 6 to 18 months) : 1/4 measure

Ponies :  1/2 measure (80 gr)

Horses :  1 measure (160 gr)

Maintenance dose = one half of the daily dose.

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5 kg
Dietary supplement

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