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CAVALOR - Complete maintenance feed that contains all the natural raw materials a horse would have freely sought itself in the past - 400 kg XL box or 42*15 kg

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Horses were originally prairie animals that had to search all day for grasses and herbs to eat. This can still be seen in the structure of their digestive system: a small stomach and a highly developed large intestine.

Today horses have to manage on highly concentrated energy feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs, which is contrary to nature.  Cavalor STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL is a complete maintenance feed that contains all the natural raw materials a horse would have freely sought itself in the past.

Cavalor STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL contains Struconcept, which contains various grass and alfalfa types to ensure a supply of crude cellulose, which stimulates the intestinal flora.  

Cavalor STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL also contains Cavalor Pro-Yeast and an extensive range of herbs, including thyme, garlic and eucalyptus, for a positive effect on digestion, immunity and breathing

Because Cavalor STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL is a complete feed, no extra hay is necessary, although can still be given.  Cavalor STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL can also be used as a replacement for roughage, in addition to energy feed, or as a supplement to energy feed and roughage.

Directions for use :

Daily amount STRUCOMIX ORIGINAL per animal, in addition to sufficient roughage :

as a supplement - max. 350 g per 100 kg live body weight,

as an additional concentrate - max. 700 g per 100 kg live body weight.

The daily feed ration depends on work, breed and roughage ration.

Nutraceuticals : 

Pro-Yeast provides optimal digestion of crude fiber, intake of minerals, production of B-vitamins, an effective yield of the total feed and, of utmost importance, a reduced risk of colic.

Struconcept, crude fiber is an indispensable pacesetter for the intestines. Crude fiber ensures that the energy contained in the nutrients is gradually released. The intestinal flora also greatly benefit from crude fiber.  It has an effect on water resorption, thereby counteracting diarrhea. Furthermore, crude fiber thwarts the formation of salmonella and clostridia bacteria. The crude fiber that is part of Cavalor Struconcept originates from high-grade sources such as alfalfa stems, spelt and flax fibers.

Omega 3 fatty acids, this unique composition supports the general condition of the horse.

Air-Force, this unique composition of herbs (including mint, thyme and garlic) provides a tasty mixture that even the most picky eaters will happily accept.  Moreover, these herbs support respiration, digestion and the body's natural resistance

Indicative nutrition values :

Digestible energy horse : 10.1 MJ/kg
Feedup unit horse in VEP (UFC-France) : 720 (0,75) /kg
Crude protein : 11 %
Digestible protein horse : 7.9 %
Crude fat : 4 %
Crude ash : 7 %
Sugars & Starch : 20 %
Crude fiber : 15 %
Calcium : 1.10 %
Phosphorus : 0.40 %
Sodium : 0.20 %
Magnesium : 0.28 %
Vitamin A : 12 500 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 : 1 250 IU/kg
Vitamin E : 100 mg/kg
Choline : 160 mg/kg
Iron : 75 mg/kg
Copper : 25 mg/kg
Zinc : 125  mg/kg
Manganese : 125 mg/kg
Iodine : 1.25 mg/kg
Selenium : 0.50 mg/kg

Packaging :

400 kg = XL box

42*15 kg = 1 pallet

 Equi-Clic, be passionate ! 


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