HORZENeoprene tendon boots.

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HORZE Tendon Boots protect the fetlock and cannon bone and are excellent for everyday use and the needs of jumpers.

These offer the highest standard of protection by dissolving shock waves away from tendons allowing airflow and support. HORZE tendon boots provide 360° protection safeguarding cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue. A reinforced Velcro strap provides a safe, flexible, comfortable fit.

Features :

  • Low cut at the top for flexibility

  • Encourages airflow between the boot and the skin

  • Stays in place, without restriction

  • Rounded soft edges

  • Designed to absorb energy generated from hooves impacting the ground

  • Provides shock absorption and prevent hyperextension injury

  • Made of Neoprene and durable PVC plastic

  • Wipe clean

  • Adds reinforcement (ankle support) and guards against abrasions as few materials do

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Equipment typeGaiters
Horze sizeShetland, Pony, Cob, Full, Big horse


Horze809-1168319415BLXFBlackExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Black Extra full 19,50 €6438076720500 Unavailable
Horze809-1161919415BLPBlackPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Black Pony 19,50 €6438076162010 Unavailable
Horze809-1166719415BLSHBlackShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Black Shetland 19,50 €6438076228037 Unavailable
Horze809-1165119415BLFBlackFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Black Full 19,50 €6438076161976 Unavailable
Horze809-1163519415BLCBlackCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Black Cob 19,50 €6438076354149 Unavailable
Horze809-1161519415WH/GPWhitePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS White Pony 19,50 €6438076158082 Unavailable
Horze809-1166319415WH/GSHWhiteShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS White Shetland 19,50 €6438076228310 Unavailable
Horze809-1164719415WH/GFWhiteFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS White Full 19,50 €6438076158044 Unavailable
Horze809-1163119415WH/GCWhiteCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS White Cob 19,50 €6438076354514 Unavailable
Horze809-1167919415WH/GXFWhiteExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS White Extra full 19,50 €6438076721712 Unavailable
Horze809-1161819415CBRPChocolate brownPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Chocolate brown Pony 19,50 €6438076301716 Unavailable
Horze809-1166619415CBRSHChocolate brownShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Chocolate brown Shetland 19,50 €6438076301723 Unavailable
Horze809-1165019415CBRFChocolate brownFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Chocolate brown Full 19,50 €6438076301709 Unavailable
Horze809-1163419415CBRCChocolate brownCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Chocolate brown Cob 19,50 €6438076354163 Unavailable
Horze809-1168219415CBRXFChocolate brownExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Chocolate brown Extra full 19,50 €6438076720623 Unavailable
Horze809-1161719415dbpDark bluePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark blue Pony 19,50 €6438076301747 Unavailable
Horze809-1166519415dbshDark blueShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark blue Shetland 19,50 €6438076301754 Unavailable
Horze809-1164919415dbfDark blueFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark blue Full 19,50 €6438076301730 Unavailable
Horze809-1163319415dbcDark blueCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark blue Cob 19,50 €6438076354200 Unavailable
Horze809-1168119415dbxfDark blueExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark blue Extra full 19,50 €6438076720845 Unavailable
Horze809-1161619415CBLBPLight bluePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Light blue Pony 19,50 €6438076513133 Unavailable
Horze809-1166419415CBLBSHLight blueShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Light blue Shetland 19,50 €6438076513140 Unavailable
Horze809-1164819415CBLBFLight blueFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Light blue Full 19,50 €6438076513126 Unavailable
Horze809-1163219415CBLBCLight blueCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Light blue Cob 19,50 €6438076513119 Unavailable
Horze809-1168019415CBLBXFLight blueExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Light blue Extra full 19,50 €6438076720609 Unavailable
Horze809-1168519415TGXFTaupe greyExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Taupe grey Extra full 19,50 €6438076721606 Unavailable
Horze809-1163719415TGCTaupe greyCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Taupe grey Cob 19,50 €6438076354477 Unavailable
Horze809-1166919415TGSHTaupe greyShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Taupe grey Shetland 19,50 €6438076228297 Unavailable
Horze809-1162119415TGPTaupe greyPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Taupe grey Pony 19,50 €6438076228280 Unavailable
Horze809-1165319415TGFTaupe greyFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Taupe grey Full 19,50 €6438076228273 Unavailable
Horze809-1161419415G/BLPGrey/BlackPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Grey/Black Pony 19,50 €6438076158075 Unavailable
Horze809-1166219415G/BLSHGrey/BlackShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Grey/Black Shetland 19,50 €6438076228150 Unavailable
Horze809-1164619415G/BLFGrey/BlackFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Grey/Black Full 19,50 €6438076158037 Unavailable
Horze809-1163019415G/BLCGrey/BlackCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Grey/Black Cob 19,50 €6438076354286 Unavailable
Horze809-1167819415G/BLXFGrey/BlackExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Grey/Black Extra full 19,50 €6438076721002 Unavailable
Horze809-1168719415CPUXFLilacExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Lilac Extra full 19,50 €6438076673066 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1163919415CPUCLilacCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Lilac Cob 19,50 €6438076673028 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1162319415CPUPLilacPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Lilac Pony 19,50 €6438076673042 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1167119415CPUSHLilacShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Lilac Shetland 19,50 €6438076673059 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1165519415CPUFLilacFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Lilac Full 19,50 €6438076673035 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1168819415TPIXFTeaberryExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Teaberry Extra full 19,50 €6438076673110 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1164019415TPICTeaberryCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Teaberry Cob 19,50 €6438076673073 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1162419415TPIPTeaberryPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Teaberry Pony 19,50 €6438076673097 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1167219415TPISHTeaberryShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Teaberry Shetland 19,50 €6438076673103 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1165619415TPIFTeaberryFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Teaberry Full 19,50 €6438076673080 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1169119415LLPIXFPink ladyExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Pink lady Extra full 19,50 €6438076721149 Unavailable
Horze809-1164319415LLPICPink ladyCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Pink lady Cob 19,50 €6438076513232 Unavailable
Horze809-1162719415LLPIPPink ladyPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Pink lady Pony 19,50 €6438076513256 Unavailable
Horze809-1167519415LLPISHPink ladyShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Pink lady Shetland 19,50 €6438076513263 Unavailable
Horze809-1165919415LLPIFPink ladyFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Pink lady Full 19,50 €6438076513249 Unavailable
Horze809-1166119415CDBRFCoffee colouredFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Coffee coloured Full 19,50 €6438076672984 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1169319415CDBRXFCoffee colouredExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Coffee coloured Extra full 19,50 €6438076673011 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1164519415CDBRCCoffee colouredCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Coffee coloured Cob 19,50 €6438076672977 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1162919415CDBRPCoffee colouredPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Coffee coloured Pony 19,50 €6438076672991 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-1167719415CDBRSHCoffee colouredShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Coffee coloured Shetland 19,50 €6438076673004 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze809-3805419415-PDPU-CPurpleCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Purple Cob 19,50 €6438076845289 Unavailable
Horze809-3805519415-PDPU-FPurpleFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Purple Full 19,50 €6438076845296 Unavailable
Horze809-3805619415-PDPU-PPurplePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Purple Pony 19,50 €6438076845302 Unavailable
Horze809-3805719415-PDPU-SHPurpleShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Purple Shetland 19,50 €6438076845319 Unavailable
Horze809-3805819415-PDPU-XFPurpleExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Purple Extra full 19,50 €6438076845333 Unavailable
Horze809-3805919415-RDPI-CDark pinkCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark pink Cob 19,50 €6438076845401 Unavailable
Horze809-3806019415-RDPI-FDark pinkFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark pink Full 19,50 €6438076845418 Unavailable
Horze809-3806119415-RDPI-PDark pinkPonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark pink Pony 19,50 €6438076845425 Unavailable
Horze809-3806219415-RDPI-SHDark pinkShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark pink Shetland 19,50 €6438076845432 Unavailable
Horze809-3806319415-RDPI-XFDark pinkExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark pink Extra full 19,50 €6438076845456 Unavailable
Horze809-4907219415-SVPU-XFIndigo purpleExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Indigo purple Extra full 19,50 €6438076977553 Unavailable
Horze809-4907319415-SVPU-PIndigo purplePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Indigo purple Pony 19,50 €6438076977522 Unavailable
Horze809-4907419415-SVPU-SHIndigo purpleShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Indigo purple Shetland 19,50 €6438076977539 Unavailable
Horze809-4907019415-SVPU-FIndigo purpleFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Indigo purple Full 19,50 €6438076977515 Unavailable
Horze809-4907119415-SVPU-CIndigo purpleCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Indigo purple Cob 19,50 €6438076977508 Unavailable
Horze809-4879619415-DLPB-FDark turquoise blueFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark turquoise blue Full 19,50 €6438076977393 Unavailable
Horze809-4879719415-DLPB-CDark turquoise blueCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark turquoise blue Cob 19,50 €6438076977386 Unavailable
Horze809-4879819415-DLPB-XFDark turquoise blueExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark turquoise blue Extra full 19,50 €6438076977430 Unavailable
Horze809-4879919415-DLPB-PDark turquoise bluePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark turquoise blue Pony 19,50 €6438076977409 Unavailable
Horze809-4880019415-DLPB-SHDark turquoise blueShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Dark turquoise blue Shetland 19,50 €6438076977416 Unavailable
Horze809-4876119415-DCPI-CDeep coral roseCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Deep coral rose Cob 19,50 €6438076977324 Unavailable
Horze809-4876219415-DCPI-XFDeep coral roseExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Deep coral rose Extra full 19,50 €6438076977379 Unavailable
Horze809-4876319415-DCPI-PDeep coral rosePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Deep coral rose Pony 19,50 €6438076977348 Unavailable
Horze809-4876419415-DCPI-SHDeep coral roseShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Deep coral rose Shetland 19,50 €6438076977355 Unavailable
Horze809-4876019415-DCPI-FDeep coral roseFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Deep coral rose Full 19,50 €6438076977331 Unavailable
Horze809-4896419415-PDRE-FRoyal purpleFullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Royal purple Full 19,50 €6438076977454 Unavailable
Horze809-4896519415-PDRE-CRoyal purpleCobPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Royal purple Cob 19,50 €6438076977447 Unavailable
Horze809-4896619415-PDRE-XFRoyal purpleExtra fullPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Royal purple Extra full 19,50 €6438076977492 Unavailable
Horze809-4896719415-PDRE-PRoyal purplePonyPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Royal purple Pony 19,50 €6438076977461 Unavailable
Horze809-4896819415-PDRE-SHRoyal purpleShetlandPROTECTIVE TENDON BOOTS Royal purple Shetland 19,50 €6438076977478 Unavailable


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