HORZEAn elegant fleece cooler that works hard and looks stunning.

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Keep your horse comfortable and looking glamorous between events wearing this stunning Fleece Show Cooler.

Luxurious fleece lies perfectly on your horse thanks to the strategically placed contour darts on the rear, a classic neck cut, tail strap and an adjustable front buckle to assure the fit is just right.

Lightweight anti-pill fleece wicks away moisture from your horse to keep him dry and warm. Use this cooler to slow the rate of drying after intense workouts or after bathing your horse to help prevent hypothermic conditions. 

The rich fleece color comes to life with pale gold braided cord defining the tapered bottom adding just enough dazzle to make the other horses drool with envy. The Horze Equestrian signature Z shines on the front bottom corner in the same hue for a simply brilliant look.

This works hard alone as a beautiful fleece cooler or dress sheet or as a blanket liner on cold, damp nights to keep your horse warm and cozy. Durable, remarkably soft and high quality with a side of elegance make up this fleece cooler. To add longevity to your blankets store them on a blanket rack.

Features :

  • After bathing

  • After intense workouts

  • Between show events

  • Luxuriously soft, anti-pill fleece

  • Lightweight to keep your horse cozy

  • Superb quality

  • Adjustable front buckle

  • Rear darts contour shape

  • Tail strap

  • Striking gold braided cord defines the tapered bottom

  • Signature Z logo dazzles in gold on the bottom front corner

  • Wicks away moisture keeping your horse dry and warm

  • Helps prevent hypothermic conditions

  • No Surcingles

  • Active Fit is close to the body (not tight) and allows for easy movement

  • Exceptionally comfortable as well as attractive and durable

 Equi-Clic, be passionate ! 

Data sheet FLEECE SHOW RUG Horze

Equipment typeRug
Horse riderChild
Horze sizePony, Full

Declination FLEECE SHOW RUG Horze

Horze955-262824707DB125Blue125 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 125 cm 44,96 €6438076204604 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-263124707DB135Blue135 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 135 cm 44,96 €6438076204635 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-263424707DB145Blue145 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 145 cm 44,96 €6438076204666 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-262524707DB115Blue115 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 115 cm 44,96 €6438076232997 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-263724707DB155Blue155 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 155 cm 44,96 €6438076204697 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-264024707DB165Blue165 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Blue 165 cm 44,96 €6438076233000 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-264224707RE165Red165 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 165 cm 44,96 €6438076233048 Unavailable
Horze955-262724707RE115Red115 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 115 cm 44,96 €6438076233031 Unavailable
Horze955-263024707RE125Red125 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 125 cm 44,96 €6438076204628 Unavailable
Horze955-263324707RE135Red135 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 135 cm 44,96 €6438076204659 Unavailable
Horze955-263624707RE145Red145 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 145 cm 44,96 €6438076204680 Unavailable
Horze955-263924707RE155Red155 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Red 155 cm 44,96 €6438076204710 Unavailable
Horze955-262624707CBR115Brown115 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 115 cm 44,96 €6438076232935 Unavailable
Horze955-262924707CBR125Brown125 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 125 cm 44,96 €6438076232942 Unavailable
Horze955-263224707CBR135Brown135 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 135 cm 44,96 €6438076232959 Unavailable
Horze955-263524707CBR145Brown145 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 145 cm 44,96 €6438076232966 Unavailable
Horze955-263824707CBR155Brown155 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 155 cm 44,96 €6438076232973 Unavailable
Horze955-264124707CBR165Brown165 cmFLEECE SHOW RUG Brown 165 cm 44,96 €6438076232980 Unavailable
Horze955-4872024707-BL-115Black115FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 115 44,96 €6438076913391 Unavailable
Horze955-4872124707-BL-125Black125FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 125 44,96 €6438076913407 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-4872224707-BL-130Black130FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 130 44,96 €6438076913414 Unavailable
Horze955-4872324707-BL-135Black135FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 135 44,96 €6438076913421 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-4872424707-BL-140Black140FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 140 44,96 €6438076913438 Unavailable
Horze955-4872524707-BL-145Black145FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 145 44,96 €6438076913445 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-4872624707-BL-155Black155FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 155 44,96 €6438076913452 Shipped within 5 to 7 days
Horze955-4872724707-BL-165Black165FLEECE SHOW RUG Black 165 44,96 €6438076913469 Shipped within 5 to 7 days


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