Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad


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More info Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad

Withers covering saddle pad, 100% cotton inner and outer and 480 g/m² polyfill padding. Wave quilting. Self-gripping fastening straps.

Machine washable at 30°C.

Data sheet Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad

ApplicationAll purpose, Dressage
Equipment typeHorse pad
Horse riderChild
Horze sizeShetland, Pony, Full

Declination Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad

Equi-Theme6776-26782204402215BlackFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Black Full 24,61 €3338025477895 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26771204401215BlackPonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Black Pony 22,71 €3338025476652 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26776204402001WhiteFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad White Full 24,61 €3338025477888 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26759204400001WhiteShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad White Shetland 21,76 €3338025476614 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26767204401001WhitePonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad White Pony 22,71 €3338025477826 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26787204403001WhiteDressage ponyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad White Dressage pony 26,90 €3338025478007 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26788204404001WhiteDressageEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad White Dressage 25,56 €3338025478021 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26760204400015PurpleShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Purple Shetland 21,76 €3338025476690 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26778204402015PurpleFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Purple Full 24,61 €3338025477963 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26768204401015PurplePonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Purple Pony 22,71 €3338025477857 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26763204400311RedShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Red Shetland 21,76 €3338025476638 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26783204402311RedFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Red Full 24,61 €3338025477901 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26772204401311RedPonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Red Pony 22,71 €3338025476669 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26780204402033BurgundyFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Burgundy Full 24,61 €3338025477987 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26775204401715NavyPonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Navy Pony 22,71 €3338025477833 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26766204400715NavyShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Navy Shetland 21,76 €3338025476676 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26786204402715NavyFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Navy Full 24,61 €3338025477949 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26764204400412BrownShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Brown Shetland 21,76 €3338025476645 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26784204402412BrownFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Brown Full 24,61 €3338025477918 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26773204401412BrownPonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Brown Pony 22,71 €3338025476683 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26762204400035RaspberryShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Raspberry Shetland 21,76 €3338025476720 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26781204402035RaspberryFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Raspberry Full 24,61 €3338025477994 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26770204401035RaspberryPonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Raspberry Pony 22,71 €3338025477871 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26790204404035RaspberryDressageEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Raspberry Dressage 26,90 €3338025478090 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26761204400022OrangeShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Orange Shetland 21,76 €3338025476706 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26779204402022OrangeFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Orange Full 24,61 €3338025477970 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26769204401022OrangePonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Orange Pony 22,71 €3338025477864 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26777204402014CreamFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Cream Full 24,61 €3338025477956 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26789204404014CreamDressageEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Cream Dressage 25,56 €3338025478076 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26765204400611Bright blueShetlandEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Bright blue Shetland 21,76 €3338025544023 Shipped within 2 to 4 days
Equi-Theme6776-26785204402611Bright blueFullEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Bright blue Full 24,61 €3338025477932 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26774204401611Bright bluePonyEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Bright blue Pony 22,71 €3338025476713 Unavailable
Equi-Theme6776-26791204404611Bright blueDressageEqui-Theme Polyfill saddle pad Bright blue Dressage 25,56 €3338025478052 Shipped within 2 to 4 days

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Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad

Equi-Theme Polyfill saddle pad

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