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REVERDY - Flaked cereal balancer for adult horses in training - 1 ton

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Flaked cereal balancer for adult horses in training.

  • Corrects the imbalances in cereals (protein, calcium/phosphorus ratio, trace elements and vitamins).

  • Highly digestable "Waxy" variety flaked maize.

  • Diversified energy sources.

  • Support for the muscles (quality protein and reinforced levels of vitamin E).

The quality of REVERDY feeds :
Raw ingredients selected for their nutritional value.

A combination of energy sources, carbohydrates/lipids.

o    A soundly reasoned supply of starch, notably respecting the horse ability to digest (200g of starch per 100kg live weight per feed)

o    A supply of oils and fats rich in Omega 3s, beneficial to the good health of the organism (favourable to the immune system, fertility, inflammation regulated etc.)

Protein content in accordance with INRA (2012) guidelines, rich in essential amino-acids (Lysine, Threonine, Methionine).


Optimum cover of the daily vitamin and mineral requirements of the horse and notably :

o    Anti-oxidant cover assured by a reinforced supply of Vitamin E and Selenium.

o    Energy metabolism boosted by the supply of B group vitamins.

o    Easily assimilated trace elements (copper in the form of chloride trihydroxide).

Inclusion of live yeasts to stimulate the natural digestive flora of the horse and optimise digestion.

Ingredients :
Waxy flaked maize without gmo*, Alfalfa 17, Soya bean meal without gmo*, Extruded linseed, Barley, Lithotamnion, Extruded soya beans without gmo*, Dicalcium phosphate, Sepiolite, Potato protein, Trace elements, vitamins and probiotics.
*guaranteed to 99.1% - french produced cereals

Users guide :


Trotters and pacers : 1.2 to 1.8 kg (2 to 3 L) of balancer and 3 to 5 kg of cereals

Thoroughbreds : 1.2 to 1.8 kg (2 to 3 L) of balancer and 4 to 5 kg of cereals

Equestrian sports

From normal to heavy workload : 1.2 to 1.8 kg (2 to 3 L) of balancer and 3 to 4,5 kg of cereals

These recommendations are based on the requirements of horses with anticipated adult bodyweights of 500 kg, fed ad-lib quality hay with free access to a pure salt block and clean water.

The amount fed must be precisely adjusted according to :

- the horses workload,

- the horses stabling and climatic conditions,

- the quantity, quality, and type of forage fed daily.

It is recommended to divide the daily ration into three feeds.

The quantity of cereals fed depends on :

- The type of cereal: to provide a given amount of energy, the quantity of cereal fed (in kg) must be greater when oats are fed, in comparison to maize or barley.

- The quantity, quality, and type (hay or grass) of forage fed daily.

The amount of RACING BALANCER fed will depend on :

- The quantity of cereal being fed.

- The type of cereal : For a given amount of energy, the quantity of RACING BALANCER fed must be greater if barley or maize is fed, rather than oats.

Attention :

- Respect the recommended quantities.

Composition :
Rationing values (According to INRA 2012) 

UFC : 0.90
Digestible protein g : 130.0

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